Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Years from the South Pole

Our time-zone is completely arbitrary down here, but since operations for McMurdo and South Pole are coordinated through Christchurch, we’re on New Zealand time.  This puts us just on the other side of the date-line and makes us one of the first to celebrate the New Years.

We managed to get all three of our new cameras cooling down by the New Years so we could enjoy the holiday and maybe work at a slightly lighter pace over the next week.  This includes two small cameras that will go into Keck Array and let us map at a color (220GHz) where galactic dust is bright and then one large camera that will provide lots of sensitivity at a color (90GHz) where we can ignore dust.  We will begin characterizing them in a week or so once cold enough to operate and then hopefully load them into their mounts a week yet later.

To celebrate, we did some sledding.  Despite the terrible bandwidth here, I managed to get a video to load overnight:

I’m guessing this one got through because everyone else on base was recovering from New Years.

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