Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Penguin for Liam

Hey Liam, I found you a penguin.  He was outside of the coffee-house in McMurdo station and has come to the South Pole with me to help out. 

Here he is advising us on the fridge.  Since he's from a cold climate, he has natural expertise in cryogenics:

When we’re done here, I’ll bring him home to you.  What should we name him?  I’ll post photos of him from time-to-time.

Note to anyone from the US Antarctic Program eves-dropping on this: in case it isn’t obvious, this is a plush-toy, not a real penguin.

Note to everyone else: the US is one of many countries to have signed the Antarctic Treaty designed to preserve the pristine wilderness on the continent.  Signatories make no territorial claims and do not recognize others.  Military is kept off the continent except in support of scientific research missions.  And individuals are not supposed to export materials from the continent, alive or inanimate without permission from regulatory bodies that ensure those materials are for scientific research.

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